AC nominated by IKWRO for a True Honour award for ‘True Story’

Congratulations to AC for being nominated by IKWRO for a True Honour award for his song ‘True Story’.

The awards are held annually by IKWRO (the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation) who are one of the foremost campaign groups against forced marriage and ‘honour’ based violence in the UK.

AC’s nomination recognises the ground-breaking nature of ‘True Story’, the first track by a British Asian artist to tackle the subject of forced marriage and mixed-race relationships head on.

True Story was the track that inspired the creation of BANG Music, and we hope that many more artists will take a stand in the near future. It is worth noting that ‘True Story’ is the ONLY British Asian track this year to be nominated for ANY award outside the AMAs or Brit Asia awards (where the track was not nominated at all). This is a first taste of the kind of outside recognition that awaits any artist brave enough to tackle these subjects.

A True Story: AC at the IKWRO True Honour Awards

On Thursday 6th of December 2012, British Asian rapper AC attended the IKWRO ‘True Honour Awards‘ where he was nominated for his song ‘True Story‘.

Ash B from B.A.N.G. Music also attended the awards with AC, as did Jonathan Bishop who plays Sunita’s boyfriend in the video to ‘True Story’.

AC got an extremely warm reception at the event from everyone who attended, including very senior campaigners and legal professionals (see below for more details*). His certificate was presented to him by Jasvinder Sanghera of Karma Nirvana. ‘True Story’ touched everyone who had heard it, and the guests at the awards all thought very highly of AC. He is the first ever male nominee for a True Honour Award.

It was also formally recognised on the night that this nomination was a salute to all the DJs who had given the song radio airplay.

The reception given to AC and ‘True Story’ at the True Honour awards illustrates the kind of positive response that awaits every other Asian artist or media personality who has the courage to speak out against forced marriage and ‘honour’ based violence.

Especially now in 2013, after the shocking and horrific murder of Jyoti Singh Pandey AKA ‘Damini’ in India, there is a huge demand for positive and empowering messages about Asian women’s rights from within UK the Asian music scene.

B.A.N.G. Music was set up to try and inspire more artists to speak out, and we hope that AC’s success at these awards will encourage more artists to follow in his footsteps. The challenge has been laid down: ‘True Story’ is the first and so far the most successful record to tackle forced marriage.

Can anyone beat it?


*More about the True Honour Awards:

The IKWRO True Honour Awards are the only UK awards ceremony recognising contributions to the fight for women’s rights, in particular the fight against forced marriage and ‘honour’ based violence. They are sponsored by Dawson Cornwell solicitors, 7 Bedford Row barristers’ chambers (who also host the event) the Association of Asian Women Lawyers.

Guests included:

– Senior forced marriage and ‘honour’ based violence campaigners, including Diana Nammi of IKWRO, and Jasvinder Sanghera of Karma Nirvana

– Senior Police officers, including DCI Caroline Goode of the Metropolitan Police, who secured the conviction of Banaz Mahmod’s male relatives for her murder.

– Senior members of the legal profession, including several QCs.

The evening was opened by Anne Marie Hutchinson OBE from Dawson Cornwell, perhaps best known for her work in helping to re-patriate Dr Humayra Abedin to the UK after her forced marriage.

The two eventual winners of the True Honour Awards were: (1) Deeyah for her film ‘Banaz: A Love Story‘ (broadcast on ITV as Banaz: an Honour Killing), and (2) an adult survivor of ‘honour’ based violence whose mother had been murdered in an ‘honour’ killing when she was only a child.